Mitsumine Castle Ruins

Designation: City-Cultural Property (April 3, 1991)
Location: Kimitoguchi machi and Nishibukuro machi, Sabae city
Administraion: Reservation Comittee of Mitsumine CastleRuins
Period Northern and Southern Courts Period

Mitsumine Castle was a mountain fortress built 405 meters above the sea level.  The top of the mountain commands an expansive view of the Tani plains; therefore it was a good strategic location.

According to gTaiheiki-kih historical record, when the Northern Court and Southern Court were in war in 1337, monk soldiers of the Heisenji Temple of the North Court changed camp and joined the South Court, it is said that they settled in the Mitsumine Mountain. The head of the Southern Court, Yoshisada Nitta sent his brother, Yoshisuke Wakiya as head of the castle. Thereafter, this was an important location for the Southern Court, but, in 1340, four years after the castle was built, Shigeyuki Miyama of the Northern Court, invaded it.

Japanese castles were military fortifications designed to provide protection against enemy attack; therefore, they were divided into quarters called gKuruwah by walls and moats.The way the Mitsumine Castle was divided is called Renkaku style.  The three main quarters were the most important parts of the castle. They were divided by moats to prevent the enemy from entering.  The highest part of 1st quarter has 88.1 square meters.To the north of the 1st quarter are the 2nd and 3rd quarters. The 2nd quarter has three smaller quarters.The 3rd quarters has five smaller quarters.  The southwest part has the 4th, 5th and 6th quarters and the east side has the 7th and 8th quarters.

There are other remains such as balconies, moats and an earthen bridge at the entrance of the castle compound, which are in excellent condition and are representative of the mountain fortresses of the Northern and Southern Courts Period.